It is a heart wrenching fact that 22 of our Military Veterans take their own lives every day.


PREVENT 22 is an independent film documenting a motorcycle club’s mission aimed at doing one thing: lowering that number and bringing an end to the impact and havoc suicide wreaks on the families of our warriors. This Illinois motorcycle club, MarineVets MotorCycle Club, The Blood Stripe Chapter, are all honorable Marines who have served their country proudly, has been devoted to this project for years, but now it’s time to up the game to do more, do better, and give our heroes a chance to live the lives that they put on hold for our country.


How can you help? 


There are many ways.

  •  Spread the word about the plight of our Veterans by following our social media pages and sharing our information on  your own Facebook page, blog, and other outlets. 

  • Reach out directly to a Veteran or a Veteran’s family that may be in need and put them in touch with us so that we can  help  him or her or them.


  • THE VERY BEST WAY IS TO Click on the Donate page above and make a financial contribution

Your donation will help us reach out to military Veterans and give them a lift in life and, more importantly, perhaps reduce that number from 22 to 0. 

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